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I did my first skydive when I was seventeen and it was a high school graduation gift from my high school sweetheart’s grandmother (isn’t that sweet ). That was a tandem jump in Jelgava, Latvia from 4km height with around 45seconds of free-fall. The plane was old soviet heritage, it took around 40 minutes reach the necessary altitude and I was feeling sick in the plane – I wasn’t sure if it was because I was terrified of the jump or it was a motion sickness from all the shaking and wiggling of the ancient plane. The only thing I knew – I wanted to get back to the ground ASAP! Straight after the jump, I felt so dizzy and didn’t even remember the free-fall at all. I just remembered the incredible adrenaline rush! It was lucky that there was another skydiver jumping with us – a cameraman. I received a CD with a video and I could relive the experience again and again by watching it. After the jump I had flashbacks of it every day (Yes. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.) for about a year – this was how strongly I felt about it. I wanted more and I was thinking of doing a skydiving course that would enable me to jump alone, but I didn’t find another person as passionate about it to do it with me so time went on and my desire diminished.

Sky Dive Dubai has one of the most beautiful views in the world when skydiving and also it is one of safest places (if not the safest) on earth to do the jump. So when I moved to Dubai in January, that was the #1 thing on my to-do list! I just had to earn enough money to afford it (after paying the uber-expensive rent in Dubai). The SkyDive Dubai might be the most expensive skydiving experience, though. It costs 2000AED which is at the time of the jump was just little below 500EUR. It’s inclusive a cameraman jumping with you and you get all the pictures and an amazing and fun video (if you didn’t pee your pants of course) on a flash drive.

You have to reserve your spot at least 3 weeks in advance and you have to take into consideration, that your jump might be cancelled in case of strong winds (safety first!). We were lucky to get a spot after less than 2 weeks, but I guess April might be the low season as it starts to get really hot in Dubai.

On the day of the jump, you arrive at the location at the designated call time and do the registration. They make sure that you do not weight more than 90kg (women) or 100kg (men). Then you sign away and liability to them – so basically if anything happens they are not responsible and you cannot sue them or ask for any compensation. But don’t worry, accidents here happen veeeeery rarely and they usually only happen if the jumper is incredibly dumb or drunk (you also have to sign that you haven’t been drinking or using other “substances” at least 24 hours prior to the jump; of course nobody gives you a breathalyzer or does a blood test).

After a short wait, you are given a short briefing about the landing.  The team was so much fun! They were telling jokes and fooling around in the plane that there was no time to get scared. The only moment to feel the fear is the brief second when you approach the door and you see the vast space that divides you from the land. The instructor is behind you and you have zero control of the situation. The cameraman is outside the plane door still holding on the side filming your reaction. Only thought that crosses the mind is – “Is this really happening?”

And then – “Aaaaaaaaaaaa!”- the 60-second free-fall! It seemed like an eternity for me as I, for an unknown reason, wanted to see the view below and forgot to enjoy the free-fall and to pose for the camera. So after 2 jumps I still don’t know what is there to enjoy in the free-fall besides the wind flapping your cheeks. If you know it – I would really appreciate if u could share it with me in a comment below.

After some posing to the cameraman and looking around, the 60 seconds have passed and the parachute is ejected. After it these are loads of calmer fun – the view is amazing, you can see Dubai from a completely different perspective – you can see the entire Palm and even the unfinished world island project.  You are higher than the skyscrapers in Dubai Marina. If you still feel adventurous enough, the instructor will make some really fast 360° turns and will let you steer the parachute for a bit.

The landing is slow and soft as a feather, the only thing you have to remember is to put your legs up and the instructor does the rest.

After the amazing jump, you can have a meal or drink (non-alcoholic of course – don’t forget its Dubai) at the SkyDive Café and wait for your flash drive with the video and pictures to be ready.

I just can’t wait for my next skydive, which is going to be really soon! I will keep you updated!

*This is not an advertisement of any kind, just sharing my most amazing experience.

** If you were interested if I believe skydiving is better than sex, then my answer is no, but it’s still in my TOP10 best experiences!

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  • Signe
    November 8, 2016

    Wow, I am adding this to my bucket list

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